Christ is enough for me.

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"I think a lot of our strange behavior – whether around men we used to date or are currently dating – can be attributed to overthinking things. Certainly, that’s the case for me. I am constantly worrying that I may say or do the wrong thing, and jeopardise a fledgling relationship. And if the relationship ends, I worry that I’m moving on too slowly, whatever that means. All this fretting makes for a very exhausting existence. Over time, I realise it’s pointless being hard on yourself. If a guy likes you, there’s very little you can (or cannot) do that will change his mind. And if he doesn’t, over-analysing whatever he says or does isn’t going to help your cause one bit. Oh, and if you’re trying to move on from a failed relationship, know this: there’s no set time frame for getting over someone. Everybody heals at a different rate. By channeling your energies into thinking more productive thoughts, you’re free to be yourself."

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex? (via thelovewhisperer)